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Electricity and magnetism

In this section you will learn about the big ideas of Electricity and Magnetism:

  • What is an electric field? What is its effect on charges?
  • What is the electric force affected by?
  • When charges move around a circuit, what can this be used for?
  • What do terms like 'current', 'voltage', 'resistance' and 'power' really mean?
  • What is a magnet made of?
  • How do circuits and charges interact with magnets?

  • Electric fields

    Electric force can not be explained without introducing a new quantity charge. You might think that this should be a fundamental quantity but it isn't, the fundamental unit of electricity is current. As with gravitational fields, field lines are used to

  • Electric circuits

    It´s all about the simple circuit and the physical quantities that are used to describe it. Complex circuits can often be broken down into simple components.

  • Magnetic fields

    Why is the North pole actually a South? Why do we define magnetic field in terms of rotation not acceleration? What is the connection between magnetic fields and electric current? Why don't magnetic waves exist without electric waves?

  • AHL EM Induction

    Electromagnetic induction is the process by which kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy in the presence of a magnetic field.