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Circular motion and gravity

In this topic we will consider the following:

  • How does the radius of a satellite's orbit affect its speed?
  • How do satellites stay in orbit even though they are not powered by anything?
  • What is the relationship between gravitational potential energy and position for a non-uniform field?

  • Circular motion

    If your speed is constant how can you be accelerating. When you move in a circle it feels like you are being thrown out so how come the force is towards the centre? If too many people join me on a roller coaster will we all fall to our death

  • Gravitation

      A field is a region of space where an effect is experienced, like particles and waves, it´s a recurring theme in this course. When do we consider the Earths field to be radial and when uniform? Why don´t satellites fall down?

  • AHL Gravitational fields

    Close to the surface of a large mass (like Earth), the effects of gravitation are uniform. Further out, we realise the the gravitational field of a spherical mass is in fact radial. This has implications for how we calculate forces, field strength, potenti