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Atomic, nuclear and particles

This topic is a whopper for new key words and there is a lot to memorise!

  • Why are solids solid when atoms are mostly empty space?
  • What are the fundamental forces of nature?
  • Why hasn't a single quark ever been observed?
  • Why does releasing energy make a nucleus more stable?

  • Atomic model

    In this course there are few surprises, experiments usually verify the theory. When Rutherford saw the results of the scattering experiment he was very surprised, the result was not inline with the theory at all. Without surprise results science would not

  • Nuclear physics

    Most of this topic is based on an understanding of the BE/nucleon vs nucleon graph but to understand that you have to understand binding energy....

  • Structure of matter

    A complex story with a simple ending. A good example of Occam´s razor, the simplest is most likely to be the correct solution, very convenient for physics students.

  • AHL Quantum

    Quantum physics is the study of the smallest objects in the universe: photons of electromagnetic radiation, the wavelengths of electrons and the energy levels of an atom.