Site overview

The Study IB Physics site is a web based learning resource designed to help you understand difficult concepts and apply them to solve problems. You can choose your own way through the material in self-study mode or be guided by the virtual tutor.

The site includes:

  • 350+ videos
  • 800+ multiple choice questions
  • Numerous guided solutions to problems
  • Virtual tutor and self-study modes
  • Regular updates

Concept videos

These are short videos using animations to explain the important concepts that need to be understood. Organised according to topic, they can be used to reinforce what you learnt in class or help you to remember before a test.

Multiple choice

Written especially for this site, the multiple choice questions are also arranged by topic and test the understanding of material covered in the videos. The questions are all answered online and have worked solutions to help you to learn from your mistakes.

Virtual tutor

When a tutor sits down with a student to prepare for an exam there are several different strategies they may adopt, one of them is to take an exam question and work through it with the student. The virtual tutor is a digital version of this. Chris knows the concepts students find difficult and can predict the common mistakes, this has enabled him to prepare material to guide you through the maze of knowledge required to solve problems without actually being there. The problems range from easy to Olympiad level. Each problem is broken down into simple stages that only require a basic level of knowledge. At each step you either know what to do or not, if not you are directed to some help. This is either a video tutorial, text, a diagram or an animation. By practicing problems in this way you not only develop your problem solving skills but also fill the gaps in your knowledge.

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About the site author

The site is written by Chris Hamper, a physics teacher with 40 years experience teaching students from a wide range of backgrounds. Chris is the author of the Pearson Baccalaureate IB diploma physics texts and the physics website, he also designed the educational management system used at his school. Put these skills together and you get an innovative approach to online learning.