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  • 31 Mar 22

    Daily IA

    This is Dharsh, he is doing his IA on the hump-back bridge measuring the velocity at which a ball takes flight when rolling over a circular bridges of different radii. To be able to determine lift off he split the plastic pipe allowing the...

  • 30 Mar 22

    Daily IA

    My 1st year students are doing their individual investigations at the moment so I thought I would share one each day. This is Ben, he is blowing down a tube attached to a pressure sensor. There is a little hole in the side of the tube letting...

  • 25 Mar 22

    Jet on jets

    This is Jet Gunning. Guess what she is doing her individual investigation on.

  • 13 Mar 22

    Northern lights

    There was a pretty good display of the northern lights last friday as shown in this photo by our principal. I thought I would make a video explaining the phenomenum to students who don't take physics. Students who do take physics already understand...

  • 11 Mar 22

    10 IA ideas with toilet paper

    Can I really think of 10 ideas based on a roll of toilet paper? probably not but I'll have a go. 1. Snatching a piece Have you ever noticed how, by pulling fast, you can snatch off a piece from a full roll but not an empty one? It's all to do...

  • 7 Mar 22

    Physics meme 2

    Maybe the department store didn't help you to understand circuits?

  • 5 Mar 22

    Physics meme

    If you have studied the photoelectric effect you may relate to this one.