Old Course Maths HL & SL


  • Algebra

    In this topic, we will look at Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series Exponents and Logarithms The Binomial Theorem Solving Systems of Linear Equations

  • Calculus

    In this topic we will look at Rates of Change Tangents and Normals Chain Rule Product and Quotient Rule Local Maximum and Minimum Points and Points of Inflexion Applications and Optimisation Indefinite Integration

  • Functions

    In this topic, we will look at Composite and Inverse Functions Quadratic Functions and the Discriminant Rational Functions Transforming Functions

  • Stats & Probability

    In this topic, we will look at Different forms of data presentations and graphs Statistical measures Linear Correlation Probability and Compound Events Conditional Probability Discrete Random Variables Binomial distribu

  • Trigonometry

    In this topic, we will look at Trigonometric Functions The Unit Circle Trigonometric Identities Solving Trigonometric Equations Triangle Geometry

  • Vectors

    In this topic, we will look at Vectors and Angles Equation of Lines Kinematics Intersections Vector Product Equations of Plane