Site overview

The Study DP Mathematics HL & SL site is a web based learning resource for students who want to improve their understanding and their grades. It is ideal for students looking to support their learning from the beginning of the course and can really help last-minute revision. The site is currently a free beta version and is growing all the time.

The site includes:

  • 100+ videos explaining key concepts
  • 300+ onscreen practice quiz questions
  • 100+ exam-style questions
  • Revision notes for key topics
  • Simulations and applets to reinforce understanding
  • Regular updates with more videos, quizzes, exam-style questions going up every month.

Concept videos

The videos explain the important concepts that need to be understood. Organised according to topic, they can be used to reinforce what you learnt in class or help you to revise before a test. Since they are videos, you can watch them again and again.

Revision notes

These printable notes support the videos and remind you of important facts and key ideas. They are ideal for test preparation.


These quick questions arranged by topic allow you to test your understanding of the concepts. The questions are all answered online enabling you to get instant feedback. The worked solutions will help you to learn from your mistakes.

Exam-style Questions

These are designed to give you practice of the kind of questions that you will find in the examination. They come with hints to get you started and include carefully written full solutions.

About the site author

The site is written by Richard Wade, a mathematics teacher with 25 years experience teaching students with wide and differing needs. Richard is trainer of teachers for the IB with a deep understanding of the DP course and the requirements of the examination. Passionate about mathematics, he hopes to pass on his enthusiasm and knowledge to you.