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  • Poisson DistributionStats & Probability

    Although you might be able to model the number of fish in a pond using the Poisson distribution, the name Poisson comes from the French mathematician, Siméon Poisson from whom the distribution was named. The Poisson Distribution can model some discrete ran

  • Integration by PartsCalculus

    Integration by parts is a method of integration that we use to integrate the product (usually !) of two functions. The aim is to change this product into another one that is easier to integrate. Although the formula looks quite odd at first glance, the tec

  • Integration by SubstitutionCalculus

    Integration by substitution or U-substitution is a method that will help you integrate many different functions. By changing the variable of the integrand, we can make an apparently difficult problem into a much simpler one. The challenge is recognising wh

  • Definite IntegrationCalculus

    Integration is sometimes called antidifferentiation, as it is the opposite process of differentiation. When we find an indefinite integral we find a function with an abritrary constant, C. When we find a definite integral, we find a numerical value.

  • Graphs of Implicit EquationsCalculus

    Implicit Equations are often used to represent relations that cannot be expressed as functions (one to many relations or many to many relations). These often have really interesting graphs. This page will allow to explore some of these graphs and consider