What you get

Site overview

The Study DP Biology site is a web based learning resource for students who want to improve their understanding and their grades. It can support learning from the beginning of an Ib Biology course and can really help last-minute revision.

Every page has a consistent layout to help you find what you are looking for easily. You may like all the sections, but probably there will be some resources which suit your learning style best.

This is a brief introduction to the different sections.

The site includes:

  • Flashcard sets of key terms.
  • Revision notes for key concepts (SL only at the moment).
  • Videos explaining key concepts.
  • Revision summary lists.
  • On-screen self-marking multiple choice questions with guidance.
  • Mindmaps to help you make links and summarize your learning.
  • A revision game on every page.
  • Regular updates with more videos, quizzes, exam-style questions going up every month.

Flashcard sets

Key words and concepts in the form or flashcards help to break the Biology into memorable chinks.

Revision notes

These slides summarise the essential understandings and skills in each topic. They contain short explanations in text and images - good revision for all students.. They are ideal for test preparation.

Concept videos

The videos explain the understandings in the revision slides and to help with any skills or examples of applications. Since they are videos, you can watch them again and again.

Revision summary lists

A short and clear bullet point list of the understandings in the topic. Useful as checklists, and for revision planning.

Self-marking multiple choice questions

These quick questions arranged by topic allow you to test your understanding of the concepts. The questions are all answered online enabling you to get instant feedback. Worked solutions give helpful hints and help you to learn from your mistakes.

Mind maps

These diagrams summarize the main sections of each topic for more visual learners.
Test if you can draw something like these concept maps from memory.

Revision games

Everyone needs a bit of light relief while revising. These simple arcade games and card matching games provide just that, and they also help you revise.